I´m Robert J.T Vawter and do videography and make short films.
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This is a small clip from an documentary about woman, girls and their stories in Congo.

A personal project produced with my family and our organisation Great Actions For Development.

Shot and Edited by Robert Vawter

Presented by Ragnhild Tegle


 A tour diary with the legendary Norwegian black metal band Mayhem.

The documentary is gritty look at the band, the people and events involved on the tour.
Featuring an in-depth meeting with members, Attila Csihar, Necrobutcher and Hellhammer, sharing their toughs on music, gear, inspiration and touring, including several live performances.

Shot back in 2009 during Mayhem`s 25th anniversary on the Blackened Tour.
The documentary is released now to celebrate Mayhems 7th studio album Esoteric Warfare.
A must see for any Mayhem fan.


A spiritaul and visual look into the hindust death rituals.

Directed by Mia Sundsfjord.

Shot and Edited by Robert Vawter